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Thaqafat would like to thank all past, present, and future volunteers from the summer of 2014! We have had an excellent group of dedicated participants from all over the (...)
Sample Projects


Many Moroccan schools are limited by a lack of funding and resources and low enrollment rates. At the same time, many Moroccans are eager to improve their language skills in English, French, and Spanish, while gaining new perspectives on world cultures, all with the hope that they might find better employment.

Thaqafat volunteers work with various schools and language centers around the city. These projects allow volunteers to interact with young children, teenagers, and adults, all of whom are eager to learn and participate in cross-cultural exchanges. Depending on the project, volunteers may be supported by local teachers and aides, but all volunteers should expect to design and lead classes on their own.

Women’s Empowerment

The issue of women’s rights has been an important political and social topic in Morocco since its independence in 1956. Many NGOs working on both national and grass-roots campaigns are eager to receive volunteers who are passionate about women’s rights. These projects allow volunteers to study the sociopolitical climate of Morocco more closely. Volunteers work in women’s rights NGOs around Rabat, helping them to promote their platforms, gain followers and sponsors, and empower local women. Several of these organizations also offer education and resources that pertain to sexual health and family planning.

People with Disabilities

People living with physical and mental disabilities face the same struggles regardless of gender, race, and culture. However, in developing countries, people with disabilities often face more challenges in going about their daily lives and accessing education. Thaqafat works with several local NGOs devoted to promoting the rights and well-being of Moroccans with disabilities of all ages. Many of these organizations primarily function as safe spaces where people with disabilities might gather, socialize, and participate in various activities and workshops. These organizations also conduct classes on personal hygiene and independent living skills. Volunteers will work with people with disabilities and may conduct language and/or skill classes.